Sacred Soul Connection Coaching


Sacred Soul Connection Coaching is Nicky’s signature therapy.
For many years now Nicky has been offering Journey therapy and also Angel readings and as time has gone by has been awed by how organically a new way of working with people has evolved. Often wondering what our fascination is with angels and angels cards and I have come to realise that what people love is actually that they are truly stopping and listening to that divine intelligence within themselves and when they do this they have a sense of coming home. She believes that all of us want to feel happy in our own skin, to feel whole and to feel like we matter. Most times life gives us knocks and we buy into others opinions, fears and doubts so that we somehow lose who we are and where we fit. Combining journey therapy into these session invites your body and your being to clear the blocks that steal away our joy and leave us feeling not good enough, not clever enough, not worthy and all sorts of untruths about what we deserve in life. Time and time again Nicky receives messages and emails from her clients saying the most wonderful and humbling things about their experiences during after her sessions. For many years Nicky has called these sessions transformational coaching and now has decided to call them Sacred Soul Connection Sessions because that is what they feel like. A conversation with your Higher Self, your deep inner wisdom that longs to be heard. If you would like to know more then Nicky would love to hear from you. Offering this work is her joy and Nicky loves seeing people shine.  Nicky will guide you through an hour long session which includes an angel card reading which will help you to get clear on where you are stuck or holding yourself back.  Nicky has developed an elegant and easy way to really connect with your guidance to help you to truly find your shine.

This a very popular choice, an opportunity to have one to one coaching, the sessions include an angel reading, some belief and vow work.  Our clients leave feeling clearer, more focussed and hopeful – £85/hr at the clinic or by Skype £80 or 90 minutes at the clinic for £130  with Nicky.

Please call Nicky to book on 07754 735948.