Soul Reflexions

Soul Reflexions and Soul Relaxations


This two hour experience is a unique blend of  visualisation and connecting to your higher self through a full Transformational Coaching session which combines an Angel Card Reading, Intuition and Journey therapy which helps you to clear out old blocks, issues and energy finished off with either a wonderful one hour nurturing Reflexology session or a one hour Swedish massage to help ground all that you have learned.

This combination works extremely well together and flows in a way that supports you at a deep level and meets you where you are at, in your life’s journey.

Your experience will be nurturing, revitalising, clearing and inspiring, helping to release and cleanse the past. The wonderful combination of therapies is extremely grounding and leaves you feeling like you have literally had an emotional and physical spring clean.

These sessions are very powerful and healing.

The Reflexology works more intuitively and energetically, rather than addressing specific physical ailments directly, whilst Reiki and healing energy is also channelled.  The massage session is deeply nurturing your body and will help to move out any old stuck energy.

This is a unique experience which takes around two hours and we charge £140 for a session.

If you would like to experience this unique treatment at Spiritual-Spa, call Nicky on 07754735948.