Journey Process

What is the Journey Process?

Access, resolve and clear physical and spiritual problems, blocked emotions, negative beliefs and unhealthy behaviours. It takes around 1 and a half to 2 hours and you are guided into accessing past memories and permanently releasing the suppressed emotions which are powering your issues. Science is now showing that when you suppress emotion, your DNA can mutate, which potentially lays the basis for disease in your body. A Journey process enables you to reverse the suppression of emotion thus avoiding that potential mutation of DNA. During the process, you allow yourself to feel blocked emotion you’ve been suppressing in a safe environment and investigate what lies at the core of it. This undermines the suppressed emotion, causing it to collapse and the emotion’s energy then re-integrates into the body-mind. With the removal of the root of your issue, the issue itself can dissolve.

How Can A Journey Benefit You?

The process can :-

help you clear the emotional blocks which have held you back from experiencing your highest potential.

help you awaken your enlightened awareness to access the potential inside.

clear the old cell memories and emotional baggage which has held you back for years.

facilitate healing at all levels.

open you into your own joy and freedom and allow you to experience true fulfilment in your life.

leave you feeling empowered, awake and more like yourself than ever before.

A two hour designer journey process is £170 at the clinic in Shepperton – £140 on Skype/Phone.