Angel Therapy Readings

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s higher self, guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. An angel reading helps you to really tune into your highest good and to confirm which path would best suit you.  Nicky has perfected a unique reading experience by introducing Journey Therapy into the reading.  You don’t just get a card reading.  Using various techniques Nicky engages your Higher Self and your angels to uncover where there are blocks to happiness and moving forward in your life.  In just one hour you get to release old hurts, remove obstacles and revive and sparkle up your life.  These readings are deeply nourishing and life changing.

Here are what some of her clients have said:-

“I was amazed by the accuracy and synchronicity of the reading. Nicky provided me with very practical guidance on how to best move forward with my life purpose. She has a very gentle, yet powerful way of helping you own your truth, authentically, and unapologetically. ”
– George

“I loved my angel reading with Nicky. It was very insightful and I have found what she said to be both inspirational and very helpful on a practical level.”
– Patti

“Nicky did an angel card reading for me online. It was spookily accurate. She pinpointed several things that were worrying me at the time, and gave me clarity on how to deal with them. At the end of our session I felt calm, at peace, and excited at the future, secure in the knowledge that I was being guided by stronger beings, and that everything would turn out to be okay. Shortly after this reading, I found the direction in my career I was looking for. I would highly recommend a reading with Nicky!
– Casey

Everyone has a higher self and guardian angels who watch over us and who are just waiting for us to ask them to help us. We have free will and so we need to ask before they can help us. Angel Card Readings are a fun and positive way to connect with the guidance, love, and support of your angels.

Nicky also offers people the opportunity to host an Angel Party at their home.  She will bring the cups, the tea, cake and other goodies to your home.  Each of your guests will receive a private half hour angel reading while you and your guests catch up with each other.  This costs £45 per person.



“Open yourself to an encounter with heaven, be as a little child. Release your desire to the winds of the universe. Trust your angels to catch your wish and bring it to you in a delightfully surprising way.” – Doreen Virtue